A R L E N E   L I E B E R M A N






I have studied drawing in the last decade with the renowned contemporary figurative artists Sharon Sprung and Costa Vavagiakas, and with the gifted sculptor Anthony Antonios.   My formal training has been in New York City at The National Academy of Art and The Art StudentŐs League.


My inspiration comes in part from such masters as Leonardo and Bronzino, Ingres and Bouguereau, and Annigoni.  I admire many contemporary realists, Jacob Collins and Steven Assael to name a few, but I am committed to the teachings of Sharon and Costa, both of whom are profoundly talented and generous in all that they have offered.

I started exploring art seriously after two careers, special education and clinical social work. Each pursuit has involved interaction and connection with people. My goal, as always, is to illuminate some truths in those I encounter.