A R L E N E   L I E B E R M A N



Portrait Commissions




I begin a portrait commission by organizing a planning session with the client, preferably in his or her home or in my studio.  We will have the opportunity to become acquainted with one another and to begin to explore the parameters of the project. The client can relay what he or she seeks in terms of purpose, setting, mood, and other particulars such as clothing, lighting, size, and composition.  After we agree about how best to portray the figure, a contract is signed and a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the total price is requested.


The initial meeting is followed by a session in which I will take preliminary photographs for future reference material.  The photography process will probably take more than one session to complete.   If the conditions are extremely demanding, a professional photographer will be hired.


Whenever possible, I prefer to draw from life.  However, I am able to work partially or exclusively from photos if constrained by distance, by a request for a posthumous portrait, or if specifically asked to use an already existing photograph.


Depending on my current workload and the size and/or complexity of the piece, the entire process may take between 1 and 3 months.  The client may discuss and view the completed work at his or her request, for minor adjustments and final approval. 


My goal, as always, is to evoke distinctive character and affect and to develop every figure until he or she comes alive on paper.



 I use archival acid-free paper and graphite pencils, though occasionally I will add pastel  or colored pencil to the graphite drawing. I will frame the work if requested with archival matting, or give appropriate framing suggestions.



The price schedule for my graphite portrait commissions is based

on figure size, number of figures, and size of paper. Prices are available upon request.


Framing, travel and lodging expenses, the use of a professional photographer, shipping costs and sales tax when applicable are not included and will be charged separately. 


Full payment is requested upon completion and prior to delivery of the commissioned work.




            I am represented by Avery Gallery of Marietta, Georgia.


            I can be reached by email at:  studio@ArleneLieberman.com